You Are What You Eat – Diet Tips For A Flat Stomach

The idea of a diet for a flat stomach may not appeal to you. However, you should be looking at it from a different point of view – making it a lifestyle change. When you think about dieting, you may think about being deprived or being hungry all the time. You may think that you will eat food that doesn’t taste good to you. None of this has to be the case for you to feel healthier and to get a flatter stomach.

Balance your Diet for a Flat Stomach

You need to think about the elements that should be present in a healthy diet. You need to have some carbs in your diet, but you need to stay away from bad carbs. Processed foods are full of them so cutting those out of your diet is a great place to start. Your diet also needs to have some healthy fat in it and lots of protein. The protein is very important because it will give you energy and allow your body to build muscle.

The amount of food you eat at any one time is very important. Learning about portion control is essential if you want to have a healthier lifestyle. You should be eating three meals a day and two snacks. If you can make it work, consider eating five or six small meals per day.

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Watch what you Drink to get a Flat Stomach

One of the problem areas that many people overlook in their diet is what they drink. Going to the café in the morning for a latte can bring with it 500 or more calories plus lots of sugar that your body will store as fat. Avoid soda and fruit drinks too that have lots of sugar in them. Don’t assume that diet drinks are a great alternative either as some of the ingredients in them aren’t good for your body.

Alcohol is very high in calories and bad for you in other ways of course.

Consume lots of water as it is calorie free. It also helps you to stay full so you will consume less food at your meals. Water allows you to flush harmful toxins from your body too so you will stay very healthy. Watch the amount of caffeine you take in too as that can make you sluggish. Keep this in mind as you diet for a flat stomach.

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Document your Food to get a Flat Stomach

Make it a goal to document everything you eat for a period of two weeks. This includes what you drink. Be very specific in your documentation. It should include what time you eat, the items you ate, and the amount. Try to measure your food in cups so that you can clearly see what you eat. If you have a cookie or two, they need to be written down too.

The purpose of this exercise is to get a realistic view of your eating habits. If you find that from 2 – 4 in the afternoon you are often eating unhealthy snacks, you need to have a small meal at that time. If you find that you are going too many hours in the morning without food you need to change when you eat. As you document, you will start to see the little things that add up. Don’t forget to include what you drink too in your food log.

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