Working Out Like The Gods

It’s not often you’ll get tips from the Gods themselves!

In this video Grant, Zeus’ incarnation on earth, has been dabbling with average joe bad habits – carb heavy food, irregular meal times and alcohol to name a few – and the evidence is starting to form on his body. He’s now going to eradicate the traces of these habits like the bad memories they are with a hardcore 4 week workout including a video diary every week for those who subscribe to the challenge.

This video is from a channel (Zeus Fitness) I’ve been subscribed to for a while now and it gives great, down to earth tips on how to perfect your physique. It’s also a bit of fun and Grant is a likeable character – a perfect fitness role model.

Right now the team are running this experiment to show how you can break bad habits yourself and see real results in a month. At the end of the month they’ll be giving out free exercise guides (exercise and diet tips)  to people who share the Zeus 4 Week Challenge videos with their friends.

I highly recommend these videos and cannot wait to see what I learn from the series and the guide!


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