Why Most Of Us Should Avoid Weight Loss Pills

I’m sure most of you have read about losing weight with the aid of weight-loss pills. It seems like a brilliant idea to some – perhaps a busy, working parent who finds that their diet or exercise regime doesn’t seem to be working out as fast as they’d like, or someone who just can’t resist snacking at strange times on sugary foods. My advice to you is to avoid these pills. Your problems can be resolved without medical aid, with a better suited diet and exercise program and a bit more will power.

But still, the appeal of a magic pill  means it’s a very marketable (and lucrative) market. There are various pills available for a person frustrated at a lack of diet progress to purchase online.

Some are similar to what you would be prescribed by a doctor if you had a medically pressing case for quick weight loss (morbid obesity) but none will be marketed with full disclosure – information about the health problems that a lot of these pills can cause. The companies want to make money, not improve your health.

In this post I’m going to come down hard against taking any pills of this nature (unless recommended by a doctor) but even so, in reality a lot of folks will be tempted to try these ‘over the counter’ pills without consulting a doctor and I believe wise to educate these people with information they won’t hear on the sites that sell the pills.

  • First things first: pills are not the solution. It is important to understand that there is no magic pill. There’s no pill that can work without a healthy diet and an exercise program.
  • Pills don’t work better the more you take. A lot of people think they can speed weight loss up by taking a higher dose. Never do this – you can do yourself serious harm.
  • Many of the weight loss pills have addictive properties. Becoming addicted can pose a real mental and health challenge.
  • You should completely avoid pills that stop you from feeling hungry and encourage you to skip meals. You’ll have less energy to follow your exercise program; you’ll be starving your body (like taking too few calories) and this actually works against healthy long term weight loss.
No Magic Pill

What about those who think they need these pills for medical reasons? For you I strongly advise a doctor visit.  If you have serious health problems because of your weight and dieting and exercise hasn’t worked for you for whatever reason, your doctor may recommend some pills (and he or she will know the best pill for you) after an examination and a host of questions and tests.

Again, even in these circumstances, the pill will not replace exercise and healthy eating. It’s one of a series of last ditch efforts for people who are obese and have diabetes or high blood pressure

Your doctor won’t even be seeking spectacular results – a loss of 5 – 10% of total body weight (through a proper diet, exercise and these prescription pills) can decrease blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and blood glucose levels. This small (in some cases life saving) change is what diet aid pills should be used for – they’re not a realistic option for people who want to lose a few pounds fast for aesthetic reasons.

Finally (because this is serious folks), I have to reiterate that taking any medical aid is a serious step that only a doctor can properly decide for you. If you think your health is at risk from your weight consult with a doctor first. Don’t be tempted to take pills due to impatience. You will do your body more harm than good.


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