Top 5 Flat Stomach Exercises for Men

Men are motivated to attain six pack flat abs because it looks good and impresses the opposite sex. Additionally, be informed that visceral fat in men is a high risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Principles of Flat Stomach Exercises for Men

The exercises should strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles by strengthening the core.

Building muscle to burn fat is necessary to reveal the six packs from under its fatty deposits. Isolated fat burning is not possible, so flat stomach exercises for men should aim to build muscle all over. And as men have greater upper body strength, they can perform a wider range of exercises targeting the chest and arms for greater muscle building and resultant fat loss.

Also leg muscles should be worked on as they strengthen the core and tone the lower abdominal muscles.

Top 5 Flat Stomach Exercises for Men

  • Sit-Ups
  1. Lie on the floor, knees pointing upwards and palms behind the head.
  2. Lock your feet tight and pull the upper body all the way up to a sitting position.
  3. Keep your back straight

Have someone hold your feet down when you perform the situps.

 This exercise helps define the abs.


  • Deadlifts

Deadlifts are one of the most effective flat stomach exercises for men because they intensely activate all core muscles, which is critical for flat stomach.

  1. Stand before a barbell, attached with weights as per your strength level.
  2. Squat down to grasp the bar, arms at shoulder width and outside your feet.

  1. Flatten your back and lift the bar off the ground. Keep your back straight while holding it.
  2. Place barbell back to its initial position in a controlled manner.


  • Jackknife

i.          Lie flat on your back, arms stretched over the head
ii.          Simultaneously move your arms and feet towards the ceiling.

iii.          The upward movement of the legs should culminate in you balancing on your hips.
iv.          Attempt to touch your toes with your finger tips.

The Jackknife effectively works all the muscles. By the movement of the upper body, the upper abdominals are worked. The movement of legs upwards works the lower abdominals. And the act of balancing on the hips strengthens the core.


  • Crunches

Crunches are classic flat stomach exercises for men, which strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles.  There are a variety of crunches that specifically tone the upper and lower abs and crunches which work the obliques. Bicycle crunches target all 3 muscle groups effectively.

 Bicycle crunches work all abdominal muscles

 Perform the crunches on a stability ball to increase their effectiveness.

Stability ball crunches engage the core

Stability ball adds an additional component of balance to the crunch, which results in greater core engagement and activation.


  • Leg Lifts

Leg lifts offer an intense workout to the lower abdominal muscles and contribute to flat stomach in men.

  1. Lie flat on the floor, hands by the side or under the hips
  2. Lift up both legs, keeping knees straight.

Adding ankle weights increases effectiveness of the exercise

  1. Bring them down, as low as possible, without touching the floor and lift them up again to complete one repetition.


Flat stomach exercises for men have to be combined with high intensity cardio activity and a high protein low fat diet, so that you get those elusive six-packs.

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