Top 10 Stomach Exercise Questions Answered: ‘Un-Puzzling’ Your Queries!

Stomach fat is that one part of human body all men and women are extremely conscious about. Many nowadays desperately yearn for fabulous looking abs but do not know how to embark on the journey. Even if they do, most of them get it wrong. Here are a few vital questions that we are frequently asked. We bring to you the most apt solution for each one of them. Let’s take a look:

Q1. How to do a Jacknife stomach exercise lying down?

A1. The Jacknife stomach exercise is designed to specifically work on the abdominal muscles especially the ones in the lower abs. Let us learn how to correctly do this exercise on an exercise mat. This stomach workout enables you to prop your body in the air by balancing the entire body on the back and shoulders. Lay comfortably flat on the mat with arms stretched out in a straight line behind the head and legs fully extended.

Exhale and raise your shoulder as well as your feet straight up in a steady manner. It should seem like you are aiming to touch the knees. Now steadily release the Jacknife position and rest on the mat. Begin with a set consisting of ten repetitions. With practice, you’ll become strong enough to include more sets.

Q2. Is sitting straight helpful in getting flat stomach?

A2. Who says having a packed schedule is a good enough reason to forego your dream of having a toned stomach. Try this flat tummy exercise almost anywhere and anytime. The simplest stomach exercise does not actually fall into the category of an exercise. It basically refers to the habit of maintaining a correct posture at all times. You must sit tall and straight especially while sitting at your office desk. Maintaining a good posture not only prevents the stomach from looking flabby but also actually tightens the muscles that have a tendency to sag resulting in a non-appreciable paunch.

Adapt the correct sitting posture to attain taut muscles. Do not slouch as it will make the belly protrude more. Do that and you are already two steps closer to your dream!

Q3. Basic exercises for Stomach Bridge.

A3. One of the best exercises for abdominal area is the Bridge exercise. Not just for the core, this exercise does wonders for the lower back without causing any injury. The areas targeted by the versatile exercise include stomach and back muscles as well as the Glutes to a certain degree.

To begin, lie down on your back. Make sure to keep the back flat on the surface. Form a ninety degree angle between the knees and toes while keeping the arms as relaxed as possible and by your sides. Slowly lift your hips and buttocks from the floor till the thighs form an angle of forty five degree to the floor. Stay in the raised pose for two counts, and then lower the body back. Do note that while lifting, don’t raise the hips too high. Your back should not arch, instead a straight line must be formed.

Q4. How to attain a flat tummy permanently?

A4. It doesn’t matter how you name that unhealthy tire of fat around your waist- be it muffin top, pot belly or bulgy love handles. The fact that this extra bulk of fat is unattractive for your overall appearance and harmful for your body systems, remains unchanged. In order to unburden yourself off the fat from your stomach on a permanent basis, you need to seriously consider the following-

Begin with your diet schedule followed by lifestyle modulation and incorporation of an effective exercise regime. Slash out all food items containing excessive sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods for these have a strong predisposition for your midsection. That does not hint towards crash dieting. Such diet programs do not last long and will bounce back eventually. And yes! Drink your way to ripped six pack abs by keeping yourself adequately hydrated. Aim for minimum eight glasses of water daily.

Embrace an active lifestyle that includes brisk walk or jogging in the morning. The best solution is to combine aerobics and weight training to your advantage. Here’s how- Aerobic exercise will help shed excess calories quickly whereas weight training will work on the strength and flexibility of the muscle. Core building workout forms such as Pilates will prove effective too. Lastly, keep yourself motivated while working on a washboard tummy for life!

Q5. What foods boost your metabolism for a flat stomach?

A5. Stick to the following safe foods for a flat stomach- Switch from Cereal to oatmeal for fitter results. Wondering why is that so? Consuming an oatmeal breakfast enhances the metabolism by an additional ten percent! When you are doing everything possible to shed belly fat, even ten percent makes a whole lot of difference. Being rich in dietary fibre, it not only makes you feel fuller for prolonged hours but also gives you the required energy boost to get you through daily activities.


A bowlful of oatmeal daily checks the cholesterol level and prevents blood sugar levels from spiking.

Go nuts for nuts as they curb your appetite and eliminate any scope for over indulgence. Do opt for green vegetables, berries etc to meet your set target for weight loss. Also, lean meat such as salmon and tuna fish are rich in protein without depositing fat over the areas you are dedicatedly working on.

Q6. Can you get a flat stomach from Crunches?

A6. The crunch forms a popular exercise option for those aiming at a flat stomach with tightened muscles. You can definitely achieve great results from abs crunches provided this is not the only exercise you depend on. Combine various types of crunches with workouts that involve the entire body such as interval training, cardio workout along with a calorie restricted dietary regime.

Consume fewer calories on a daily basis; make correct food choices and do exercises that engage your body from head to toe (like rowing, running etc).

No sets of crunches can get those flat abs if the above mentioned factors do not fall into place. That being said, crunches do form a strong, dependable component. Mix them up with other forms.

Q7. Cardio that is most effective on stomach and obliques.

A7. Cardio is the best way to elevate the body temperature, shed excess calories and give a boost to the level of metabolism. Let’s plan how to choose the best cardio to make a massive difference in your weight loss progress chart. Below is an example of cardio exercise –

Low intensity cardio for longer distance- Under this category, you can do the following activities with ease- jog, run, swim or cycle. This forms a perfect way to burn fat especially for those new to cardio. Try to aim for 5 km in a span of 45 to 60 minutes. Next comes, the cardio described as medium intensity. This pushes your heart rate further up by say 70%. High intensity cardio for short distance is demanding on one’s body. This sheds belly fat at a higher pace. Opt for vigorous activities that will burn nothing less than 500 calories in an hour!

Q8.  Does varying your workout routine make you stronger?

A8. It certainly does. Doing the same workout routine over and over again can turn mighty boring, decelerating your weight loss. Diversifying your exercise routine is the key to prevent stagnation. It will not only increase your well being but helps keep you motivated too. Don’t hit a plateau by following the tips mentioned. Try some cardiovascular exercises you’ve not experienced up till now. Such changes will keep you from slogging and instead will help you enjoy your workout. There are a lot many options you can incorporate keeping in mind the intensity of your workout; for example, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, strength training.


 This way your system will not have the opportunity to thoroughly adapt and will continue to give results you want. Combine different exercises or target different parts of the body. Even changing the environment makes a difference. If you train within closed doors, do so outdoors or go for sports activities. Makes a fun workout!

Q9. Does Yoga stretching give you a flat stomach?

A9. Yoga stretches certainly assist in strengthening and tightening your stomach muscles while at the same time it gives better flexibility and posture. These alone however, cannot guarantee a flat stomach. Get a leaner belly via the stretches yoga enables you to experience.

Cat poses (the above image), Bridge poses and mountain tilts are a few of the many stretches that can render a definite tone to your abdominal muscles. The breathing pattern plus the pose massages the abdominal muscles, reduces the stress levels which do contribute to fat accumulation and gives appreciable results. Yoga makes the core muscles strong which is a must for achieving and maintaining a flat stomach.

Q10. What is the top core strengthening exercise for a flat stomach?

A10. Out of the innumerable core strengthening exercises recommended for a flat tummy, the top one is the Bicycle crunch. All the fitness trainers state so and we agree. This variant of basic crunch covers the lower abdominals, also the obliques. You must perform it correctly. Take note of the following- While doing the bicycle crunch; do ensure that you round the back. Not doing so will direct unwanted tension mainly in the lower back leading to discomfort.

Also, do not pull your neck too much. To intensify the exercise further, hold a dumbbell behind the head. An even breathing pattern and a good rhythm will make this exercise both easy and effective.

A combination of effective exercises and a proper diet plan can get you the desirable results. Make use of the provided information as a guide for an enviably flat stomach.

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