The Top 5 Flat Stomach Exercises for Women

Flat stomach in women indicates high fitness levels. Flat stomach is not about others finding you sexy, but a conscious health decision. It is about making a commitment to your health.

Special Considerations of Flat Stomach Exercises for Women

The total body fat percentage is higher in women (as compared to men), which needs to be burned to attain a flat stomach. So flat stomach exercises for women should build muscles, causing greater fat burning.

Due to hormones, fat deposition in women occurs mainly in the lower abdominals and the sides. So if you are doing endless crunches (that mainly target the upper abs), you will find that you are not achieving the desired results.

Also exercises that strengthen the core greatly tone the abdominal muscles and contribute to a flat stomach in women.

Top 5 Flat Stomach Exercises for Women


  • Lunges
  1. Stand with one leg forward and the other back, with or without weights.
  2. Lower both legs to a lunge position, bending the knees at 90 degree angles.

Take care that the front knee does not cross the toes.

 Maintaining the lunge position requires balancing, which kicks your core muscles into action, contributing to a flat tummy. Also lunges build muscles, which enable greater fat loss.


  • Reverse Curl

This exercise targets your lower abdominal muscles and also strengthens the core.

  1. Lie flat on your back. Bend the knees at 90 degrees angle, so that the lower leg is parallel to the floor.
  2. Keeping the lower abdominal muscles taut, bring your legs and pelvis towards your chest. Initiate the movement through the lower spine for best results.

  1. Slowly come back to starting position.
  2. Make sure your head and shoulders are peeled to the ground.


  • Torso Twists

This exercise involves twisting your upper body and works on the obliques. The exercise also strengthens the core.

i.          Stand with feet apart, hands on the hips.
ii.          Twist the body to the left side, keeping the abdominal muscles tight, until you feel a stretch across the abdomen.

iii.          Twist to the other side.

The torso twists may be performed seated and with the aid of a medicine ball or plates for greater effect.

 Seated torso twist with plate


  • The Chair Crunches

This is a variation, which makes the basic crunch more effective for flat stomach.

  1. Lie down flat on your back (as for the basic crunch)
  2. Place your legs on a chair, with knees bent at 90 degrees.

Execute the crunch in the usual manner, hands behind the head and pulling the trunk upwards.

The advantage of using the chair is that it isolates the abdominal muscles. Otherwise, often in the crunch movement, the hip flexors get involved.


  • The Plank

The plank position develops core strength like no other exercise and is very effective in producing a flat stomach. The plank requires you to balance your body weight on your toes and elbows.


So the core abdominal muscles get intensely engaged and stretched to support the body in that position.

These are some of the most effective flat stomach exercises for women. Combining these with the right diet is the key to achieving a flat stomach.


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