The Right Exercises for a Flat Stomach

You probably know that a combination of the right exercises and diet is essential to attaining a flat stomach. But do you know ‘which are the right exercises for flat stomach’?

 Are you exercising right?

 If you find that you are not getting the desired flat stomach results, despite exercising regularly and vigorously, stop. Examine your workout routine and exercises. Perhaps you are not doing the right exercises. Only the right exercises for flat stomach are effective in producing the desired results. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your time and energy with ineffective moves that give no benefits.

The Right Exercises for Flat Stomach

 The right exercises for flat stomach are the ones which:

Strengthen your core, strengthening the abdominal muscles in the process

  1. Require you to develop balance and thus tone and tighten the abdominal muscles
  2. Work specifically on the abdominal muscles to strengthen and tone them
  3. Increase the metabolic rate and burn more calories so that the overall fat percentage of the body (including abdominal fats) is reduced to reveal the toned abdominal muscles.

Let us consider some examples:

  • Pelvic Lifts

This is a Pilates move and affects the abdominal muscles by strengthening the core.

Lie flat on your back, with knees facing the ceiling, hands by the side. Keeping the lower back and spine firmly on the floor, lift your pelvis upwards.

Dig your feet into the floor to facilitate this. Come back to starting position and repeat.

  •  The Plank Position

The plank, a part of both Pilates and yoga, involves forming a straight line, balancing yourself on the elbow and toes. Your body finds its balance, because the abdominal muscles are thoroughly engaged.

This strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles.

A variation is the side plank that strengthens and tones the obliques.

Side plank

  • Scissor kicks

Scissor kicks strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles simultaneously.

Lie flat with feet on the floor. Lift up your upper body slightly and maintain this position throughout the exercise. To initiate the exercise, raise your left leg 10 inches over the ground. Hold it for a while.

 Bring it down and simultaneously raise the other leg. Continue this process, alternating the legs up and down.

  •  Cardio, Plyometrics and Resistance Training

These are the right exercises for flat stomach because they increase the metabolism, and burn significant amount of calories.

Select high intensity cardio exercises like running or swimming.

Merely walking around the block will not help you attain a flat stomach.

Chest press, leg extensions, and squats are some resistance exercises that are right for a flat stomach, because they build muscle and burn calories.


Chest press and squats (RHS image) are the right strength training exercises for flat stomach

Plyometrics are jumping exercises which produce explosive power in the muscles, strengthening and toning them. The intensity and rapidity of the movements causes increased burning of calories.

 The jumping jack

Thus plyometric exercises like jumping jacks and squat thrust jumps are the right exercises for attaining a flat stomach.

Do you dream of a flat stomach? By making sure that you are doing the right exercises for flat stomach and combining these exercises with a sensible diet, your dream will soon become a reality.




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