Stomach Exercises for Women

The most difficult area of the body for most women to successfully sculpt is the abdominal region. There are plenty of stomach exercises for women though that can assist with that goal so that you can get the muscles you want and remove the fat. With a variety of great exercises though it is possible to get that part of the body to look amazing. Here are some of them to try.

Ball Roll Out

To help you get the look you want, stomach exercises for women have to help the core muscles. That is what this particular exercise is designed to help with. It also allows the hip muscles to get stronger so that you lower your risk of any injury to the lower back. Your spine will get stronger which can be helpful to any woman that has given birth.

This exercise involves you kneeling behind an exercise ball. Put your palms on the top of the ball with your arms straight. Roll the ball away from you slowly and stretch your entire body as you do so. Roll it as far from you as you can while retaining your balance and control of the ball.

Beginner Pilates

If you don’t already engage in Pilates, you should start with the basics. This is a great one when it comes to stomach exercises for women. The oblique muscles on the sides of the body get a great workout from this. Start with lying on your back and bending the knees. You want your feet to be touching each other. The legs need to be lifted off the floor enough that your knees are in alignment with the hips.

Your arms should be on your side a couple of inches off the floor. Focus on tightening your abs by envisioning your belly button touching to your spine. You will only benefit from this exercise if you focus on keeping your core tight and your arms straight. You only have to pump the arms and the legs a couple of inches off the ground to make this effective. Try to work up to 100 reps with this exercise.

Yoga Beginning Boat

Another value when it comes to stomach exercises for women is yoga. This exercise is designed for you to gain more support to the main muscles of the abdomen. Sit on the floor in an upright position, with your legs extended in front of you. Lean back but as you do, focus on keeping your spine lifted. At the same time, start to lift your legs off the floor. Your fingertips can help you to remain balanced.

You may need to bend the knees at first to accommodate the amount of strength and flexibility that you have. Don’t worry though because the more you do this particular exercise the better you will become in terms of overall strength, flexibility, and balance. Try to incorporate these exercises with cardio, with a good diet, and increasing your intake of water to get results.

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