Six Surprisingly Simple Flat Stomach Exercises

Flat stomach exercises are usually associated with punishing workout schedules. But there are some effective surprisingly simple flat stomach exercises.

The Way to a Flat Stomach

Flat stomach is achieved by – (a) burning fat and (b) toning and strengthening the muscles.

The best way to burn fats is to build muscles, which increases the body metabolism and thus burns more calories. The muscle building exercises like pushups and squat thrust pushups or deadlifts and others are physically demanding.

Flat stomach exercises which tone and strengthen the muscles focus on stabilizing the core. Some exercises in this category are surprisingly simple and some are not even exercises.

Six Surprisingly Simple Flat Stomach Exercises


  1. Right Posture

Maintain the right posture always. Keep your spine upright. As your core muscles work to support the upright posture, they are getting toned and strengthened.


  1. Abdominal Vacuum

This exercise targets the transverses abdominus, a deep core muscle in the abdomen.

  1. Inhale

  1. Exhale forcefully to completely push out all air from the abdomen and create a vacuum (hence the name). This is achieved by pulling your belly button into the spine.  Hold for as long as you can.
  1. Kapalbhati

This is a yogic breathing exercise effective for flat stomach that strengthens the core muscles and tightens the skin around the belly. And you can do it anywhere.

  1.      i.          Breathe in
  1. Forcibly exhale, collapsing the stomach simultaneously.

  step i  

 Step ii

Note that the abdomen collapses in the step ii, while exhaling.

  1. Repeat as many times as you can.


  1. Yoga Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  1. Stand with feet together, hands by the side
  2. Inhale. Draw in the abdominals and simultaneously, move the hand towards the ceiling.
  3. Clasp the palms together over the head, keeping the arms peeled to the ears.

Keep moving the hands as upwards as much as you can. Imagine, someone pulling you from the top. All the while, keep the abdominal muscles taut.

The exercise stretches the abdominal muscles and strengthens them. Tadasana can also be performed lying on the back.


  1. Yoga Arm Balancing Poses

These poses require you to balance your body weight on the arm, resulting in intense core engagement and activation, leading to flat stomach. The simplest yoga arm balancing pose is the side arm balance or the Vasishtasan, which works the obliques.

The more difficult yoga arm balancing poses include the Crane pose, Firefly pose amongst others. These images offer a preview.

     Firefly pose


Crane Pose

  1. The No Crunch Abdominal Crunch

This is the best simple flat stomach exercise because it produces the effect of a crunch without actually crunching.

  1. Lie flat on the floor. Place two fingers on either side below the belly button.
  2. Draw your lower abdomen downwards. (Picture a string pulling your navel towards the ground). Stop when you feel the muscles taut under your fingers. This is the transversus abdominus. Hold the position to tone and strengthen the muscles.

Breathe normally throughout and keep your head, chest and pelvis relaxed.

 These simple exercises alone cannot deliver a flat stomach. They have to be combined with suitable strength training and cardio exercises and a sensible diet to produce the results you desire.

But these simple flat stomach exercises keep you motivated to stick to your workout.



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