Sculpt Abs in the Kitchen And Build Abs in the Gym

You have no doubt read: “abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” It can’t be emphasised enough; sticking to a good ab routine will alone will not develop a six pack or a toned stomach! Your body fat percentage plays a huge role in the development of your abdominal region.

Hundreds Of Reps Every Day?

Not necessary. Not advisable even. You will simply be training for endurance. Hundreds of sit ups will not reduce fat storage in the midsection. Think about it, the abdomen is made up of many small muscles, it is difficult to see them, no matter how ‘buff’, unless your body fat is low.

Generally you’ll see them at around 12% body fat, but every individual is different.

So How Do We Shed The Pounds? 

How then do we get great abs? Exercise (abdominal and cardio) helps immensely but diet is key. Fat loss varies based on age, hormones and genetics but in general, if you want to lose fat perform cardiovascular training  regularly and pay attention to your diet. The common belief that high reps of a particular muscle burns fat near that muscle is a myth.

Sculpt Abs in the Kitchen

Everyone has a 6-pack. Yes you read that right, “everyone has a 6-pack”! The amount of fat covering each person’s 6-pack is different (and personal). This is where diet comes in. Drop the junk food and eat sensibly. Initially (to drop fat) you’ll need to cut the fat out. Going on a “cutting” diet means that you consume less calories than you are required to maintain your weight. Once you reach your target weight (and can see abs!) you simply eat sensibly and maintain your intake.

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