Popular Crunches – Throw Aside That Spare Tyre You Have Been Carrying Round Your Waist!

Have you been feeling low after viewing the poster or the advertisement that shows a girl showing off her hour glass figure with an enviably flatter stomach than you?

You shouldn’t let that bring your hopes of getting into a similar shape down! You may think you’ve tried anything and everything to attain that perfectly flat belly and that nothing in God’s name seems to help. You must take into account all the exercises mentioned below for results as drastic as those seen in the “Before” and “After” weight loss advertisements. Are you eager to learn the art of mastering the best exercise for attractive stomach? Alright then! Get geared up for we will teach you the most effective and popular exercises for a flat stomach.

It’s the crunch: The good news is that via this article, you’ll realise how many more variants of the traditional crunch exist! The different variations will target each and every muscle that needs to be worked on.

Muscles Participating in the Crunch Movement

The key muscles required to complete any crunch movement are as follows- The Rectus Abdominus, Obliques and to some extent, Hip Flexors. Rectus abdominus is the 6 pack muscle you need to get control over. They work only when performed correctly- only then the body uses the stomach muscle in raising the body.

Let’s get started with easy to do- Basic Floor Crunch: In this, you need to lie down face up with bent knees and feet firmly planted on the floor. Lightly cross both arms, either over your chest or over the neck for added support.


Now, try your best to squeeze your muscles and slowly raise your shoulder blades till they are a few inches off the floor. Following this step, lower your body to the initial position for another repetition. Good job!

Bicycle Crunches


Take position as explained earlier. In bicycle crunch, you’ll do the same movement of tightening the abdominal muscle while rising but with a twist. Yes, quite literally! As your shoulder blades go up, twist the upper half to the left side and attempt to make contact between the right elbow and left knee. Yes, you got it correct! Make sure you repeat on both sides for a minimum of ten times. This is perfect for the abdominal muscles running along the sides.


Knee Crunch

For all those who want to focus on their mid section, this is definitely a top exercise for you. There is a large muscle known as Rectus abdominus in the center of the abdomen which needs to be strengthened for a seductive looking stomach! This exercise is also popularly known as Reverse Crunch and works on the lower region of this particular muscle.

You can execute this exercise in supine position. For better, injury free results do pay attention to the correct form. Place your arm behind your head, lift both the legs and bend the knees.  Move the knees towards your chest in a steady motion while lifting the hips. Don’t forget to squeeze the abs. Alternating-knee crunches form a solid variation that stresses more on your love handles (obliques).


Make each crunch count more than the previous one by using fitness aids such as an exercise ball. Where lays the difference? Well, by leaning on or lying on the stability ball instead of the exercise mat, the crunches performed will tighten the abs more as the activation of the hip muscle will be less prominent.

Plus, the variation always keeps your belly in a favourable adaptive state. Dedicate a minimum of ten minutes to crunches every day.

How to- Position the stability ball firmly under the lower back. Place your arms either over the chest or lightly lock them behind your head. Keep note of the position of your feet- they must be kept hip width apart with knees bent. This keeps the legs aligned parallel to the floor. As you lift off the ball, contract your muscles. Make sure the ball does not roll while curling up. Return to the starting position and repeat 3 sets of the same.

Many of you must have not come across the next amazing abdominal exercise known as Long Arm Crunch. It looks easy but you’ll definitely feel the muscles working it out! The position is same as in the usual floor crunch but varies in one aspect- You must straighten your arms behind you. This creates a long lever, intensifying the workout. Perform this exercise to get well sculpted upper abs.

Trim out the excess belly bulge with Vertical Leg Crunch. Fully extend your legs in the air such that they form a 90 degree angle to the floor. Raise your upper torso slowly yet steadily for 3 -5 inches. Stay in this position for a moment, relax. If it seems difficult, rest your lower legs on a chair.


 Armed with these exercises you will be all set on your way to a flat stomach!

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