Plyometric Exercises for Flat Stomach

Incorporating plyometric exercises in your workout routine helps achieve a flat stomach. To display your ripped six packs and toned abdominal muscles, they need to be exposed by burning the surrounding fatty layers. Plyometric exercises tone and strengthen the muscles as well as cause increased fat burning, making them ideal for flattening the stomach.

What is Plyometrics

The plyometric workout system produces explosive power in the muscles. It includes a series of quick and intense jumping movements, which in rapid succession, extend and contract the muscles with a brief rest in between. This cycle, apart from improving the speed of movements, also helps develop muscle strength and tone. And the intensity of the activity contributes greater calories burning. Plyometrics is an essential part of athletic training as it improves power, enabling rapid movements. The plyometric exercises which focus on the abdominal muscles tone the muscles and burn fat, resulting in a flat stomach.

Plyometric Exercises for Flat Stomach

• Jumping Jacks
i. Stand with feet together, hands by the side. Pull up the spine and lengthen the abdomen, so that the muscles are engaged.
ii. Slightly bend the knee and jump, pushing your feet outwards, beyond the shoulders. Simultaneously, move your arms over your head.


iii. Jump back to starting position and bring your hands down.
iv. Repeat as many times as you can and as fast as you can
Remember to engage the abdomen through out so that the muscles get worked effectively.

• Squat Thrust Jumps

i. Stand with feet together. Squat down and place your hands by your feet.
ii. In an explosive movement, lift your feet and jump backward to get into a plank push –up position.

                                               The different steps in a Squat Thrust Jump

iii. Jump back to starting position and stand up.
iv. Jump upward to complete the squat thrust jump.

Besides burning tons of calories, the squat thrust jump strengthens the abdominal muscles effectively due to the plank position, which is part of the routine.

• Cartwheels

Cartwheels are very effective for flat stomach because they strengthen the core. An element of balancing is involved, which further adds to the abdominal muscle strength.
i. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, arms by the side.
ii. Slowly bend towards the left, moving your left arm downwards and touching base with the ground.

How to Perform the Cartwheel

iii. Simultaneously, move the right arm and right leg towards the left and get them over the head. Now you form the letter X with your body.

Forming the letter X

iv. The body weight is supported on the arms and the feet are up in the air.
v. Now bring the left leg down followed by the right leg to stand upright again.

Besides the three discussed here, there are other plyomteric exercises effective for a flat stomach and an experienced fitness professional can help you choose the best exercise.
Remember that in plyometric exercises repetitions are important, because they work the muscles better. So increase the repetitions to show off that flat stomach.

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