New Ab Workout Video – Exercises You Can Do At Home

Work your abs from home

Ab exercises are a potent fitness tool. One reason for this is that core exercises, leg raises, crunches, sit ups and other exercises can all be performed with minimal equipment and space. You can do these exercises when on holiday; when you can’t get to the gym; or when it’s too snowy or stormy or cold outside to go for a run or bike ride.

Save money

Ab fitness begins at home and you don’t need money, gym memberships or any equipment to get the best out of these exercises. You DO need to know how to complete the movements properly and safely. Incorrect motions can make your workout less effective at best and dangerous for you at worst (you risk straining your neck or back if you move incorrectly).

Check out the video above

With that in mind take a look at this video where a certified professional shows you how to do a series of ab exercises at home.

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