Magical Nutrition For A Flat Stomach – More Super Foods

I thought it would be nice to share a few of the best foods to continue incorporating into your daily diet when you are on your new fitness regime. All of the foods listed here are especially great for achieving a flat stomach! They’re also very, very tasty and a few are not widely known (quinoa for example is one that often makes people tilt their head curiously).

  • Berries Some of the most common and easily attained berries include raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Berries are incredibly good for you. They’re packed with fibre, which keeps you feeling full longer and helps you digest. They are also full of vitamin C, which is good for your immune system and your skin.
  • Kale a dark leafy green form of cabbage is a natural anti-inflammatory; it helps reduce bloat. It is also very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C and calcium. Kale also has potent anti-cancer properties. Boiling (this applies to most vegetables) kale can remove some of the goodness so try steaming or stir-frying it to keep it as healthy as can be.
  • Oatmeal maintains blood sugar levels. An imbalance in blood sugar leads some people to feel they need to eat when they don’t. Often it can lead to a binge! Counteracting that urge means foods that help maintain blood sugar levels are great. Plus oatmeal is full of fibre which as we know keeps you full longer and aids with digestion.
  • Low-fat yogurt is Yogurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It is also a pro-biotic that aids digestion, fights fat storage and prevents bloat. It’s a great, healthy snack. You don’t even need to focus on a ‘low-fat’ option. Simply buy the healthiest variation you can find – preferably organic.
  • Almonds are packed with healthy fats and proteins – this helps when building muscle after a work out. About 20 percent of raw almond is high quality protein, a third of which are essential amino acids. A ‘super nut’ if you will (though it’s technically a seed).
  • Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help boost your metabolism so your body burns fat faster.



  • Watermelon is unsurprisingly full of water! That means they don’t have a large payload of calories in the form of sugar as some fruits do. They’re packed full of hidden nutrients. And don’t forget the rind (most people do). It contains a lot of those hidden nutrients but you have to be imaginative to make it palatable. Stir fry, stew or pickle it, perhaps with olive oil, garlic, chili peppers, scallions, sugar or rum.
  • Garlic is a great flavouring. It helps reduce fat in the liver, it detoxifies and it has long been known to have super health benefits. Did you know they actually used garlic as an antiseptic during world war 1 and world war 2? Forget about worries about your breath, anyone who doesn’t smell of garlic just isn’t as healthy!
  • Avocado is loaded with lots of healthy fats that actually help burn fat while providing your body with long lasting energy. It can also help reduce cholesterol. They’ve a high fibre content (which we know is great) and are loaded with potassium and b vitamins.
  • Quinoa is an incredibly tasty grain-like seed. Its protein content is very high and its a good source of dietary fiber. It is also a source of magnesium, calcium and iron. Quinoa is gluten-free and is very easy to digest. Its such an impressive, complete food that its being considered as a possible crop for long duration human occupied space flights by NASA! Quite the endorsement.


It baffles me that people find diets tough and think they’re being denied tasty treats when foods like the list above are not just ‘okay’ but ‘recommended’!

Add these items to your shopping list and you will not regret it! Incorporate them into your diet at regular times in delicious recipes (finding recipes for these foods will be easy – trust me!) and, together with a workout routine you will reap the benefits and see real results in no time.


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