Magic Foods For a Flat Stomach

There are many foods out there for a flat stomach that you can include in your diet. The efforts you make to change what you take in will be reflected by your body. When you eat foods high in sugar and bad carbs, it will be stored on your body as fat. When you eat foods that your body burns as energy, you create muscle and you burn fat currently on your body.

Water and Green Tea for a Flat Stomach

First, think about what you drink in a typical day. Most people don’t consume enough water to stay well hydrated. Water will flush toxins and help you to eat less. Drink a glass of water before you eat a meal and you will eat less. Drink water when you crave sweets and see how you feel.

Green tea is a nice addition too because people do get tired of consuming only water. You can drink green tea hot or cold. If you want to sweeten it a bit, then you can add a touch of honey. This will help you to burn fat and also to get more water intake in your diet. There are flavored green tea options so a fruit flavor may be something you really like.

green tea

Consume Lean Meat to get a Flatter Stomach

Many people think that they can’t have meat in their diet if they would like to burn fat around the stomach. You can eat meat, but you need to pay attention to portion size. You also need to make sure you go with lean cuts of mean. Meat will help you to build muscle and to have a stronger immune system. You want to make sure what you consume hasn’t been injected with hormones. Organic meat and fish choices help prevent this.

Lean chicken breast and turkey is a wonderful source of protein for you when you want to eliminate belly fat. Salmon and tuna are good for you and they also contribute to the need the body has for Omega 3 fatty acid. These fats are good for you and they will help you repair the muscles after a tough workout too.

Eat Often to get a Flat Stomach

In addition to eating the right foods, you need to eat often if you want to get a flat stomach. Small portions of various foods for a flat stomach will help you to stay full and to regulate your blood sugar. Try to consume 4 or 5 small meals a day. You can also eat 3 meals with 2 snacks. Make sure you eat after you workout and that you eat when you get up in the morning.

Always have something healthy on hand that you can eat when you are hungry. Some careful planning for meals and for when you aren’t at home is very important. Then you will be less likely to reach for something that isn’t good for you or to eat large portions because you are very hungry later on.

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