Five Healthy Foods For A Flat Stomach

With the start of the New Year, most people start thinking about losing those few extra pounds that they acquired over the holidays. Losing weight, especially those pesky few pounds around your stomach, before the snow starts thawing and the heavy coats come off becomes one of the top New Year’s resolutions for many. People rush to sign up for one of the many gym membership specials that are offered right after the start of the New Year but after initial motivation carrying them through the first few weeks of dedicated exercising, most people start missing gym sessions and finally giving up all together. Losing those few inches of fat around your stomach area should not take huge life changes. Just consider substituting a few healthy foods into your diet will help you eat less, burn more fat, and maintain an overall healthier lifestyle. Here are five tasty food items which will help you lose those pesky pounds without losing a drop of sweat.

When waking up in the morning, many people load up of sweets and fat in attempt to satisfy their bodies need to increase their blood sugar levels after a good night’s rest. Having a large bowl of sugary cereal or a plate of greasy bacon might satisfy your hunger but will definitely negatively affect your waist size. Instead try filling up with a nice bowl of fiber rich oatmeal which will not only help keep your stomach filled for hours but also help your body’s digestion. Oatmeal is also good for the health of your heart since the soluble fiber it contains has been shown to absorb and reduce bad cholesterol in your blood stream.

As the day wears on, it is easy to get a snack attack and reach for a bag of chips or candy to satiate your cravings. These small snacks add up over time, increasing unhealthy sugars and fats that can unbalance any good eating habits established during the rest of the day. Consider substituting a healthy snack of unsalted nuts, which can keep your stomach full for longer without screwing up your calorie intake for the day. Just make sure to measure out the right serving size when you are snacking. It takes a surprisingly small number of nuts to satisfy your stomach for hours.

Good Oils For A Flat Stomach Diet

Not all oils are bad for your health. Try replacing any vegetable oil you use with olive oil or canola oil. These oils contain monounsaturated fats instead of the unhealthy trans fat and saturated fats that many other oils contain. Monounsaturated fats have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol levels when used in moderation unlike trans fats and saturated fats which can clog your arteries.

Everyone needs some sweets every once in a while. Instead of grabbing for that emergency candy bar from your stash, consider having a healthy bowl of berries next time your sweet tooth acts up. Berries taste great and are loaded with fiber. For a more exciting snack, add a few scoops of unsweetened yogurt to your bowl. The active cultures in the yogurt are also great for your digestion. With the natural sugars in the berries, you don’t even need the unhealthy sugars most flavored yogurts contain.

The Best Types Of Protein For A Flat Stomach Diet

Finally, eggs can be great protein packed foods which can even help with weight lose. The vitamin B12 they contain is essential for your body for metabolizing fats. Adding an egg to your breakfast can add the protein your body needs in the morning without all of the oils and fats that are associated with many breakfast meats.

Although just eating healthy foods cannot take the place of regular exercise, it can definitely help you take a huge step in the right direction towards losing those extra inches around your stomach. Like with any foods, moderation is the key. Even though each of these foods are healthy for your body, over doing any one can still have negative effects on your health. Try replacing a couple of snacks or meals that you eat each day with some of these suggestions and starting seeing results immediately. Eating healthier will not only help you lose weight but also make yourself feel overall healthier and make give you more energy throughout your day.

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