How to Flatten your Stomach for Men

Following great advice for how to flatten your stomach for men can get you results. This could be the one part of your body that you are nervous about. Most men find that this is the hardest part of the body to lose fat from. You can put in the time you need though and with the right exercises you will be able to get results.

Reverse Crunch

For many men, the reverse crunch is a challenging type of exercise to get a flat stomach. This can be a very good way for you to get things in motion to target that part of the body. You will have to focus on keeping the upper part of your body flat on the ground though. Then you lift your legs and the lower part of the torso. Make sure you keep your knees straight and that they aren’t wobbling. They need to line up with your hips in order for you to get results.

Ride a Bike

It may sound very simple, but a great way of how to flatten your stomach for men is to ride a bike. Studies that have been done show this is an effective way to make sure you re able to get your stomach solid. You can ride a bike several miles per day or you can go on a stationary bike at the gym or at home. While you are riding, you need to make sure you that you tighten your abs as much as you can. At first, you will have to really focus on doing so. Yet in time it will become a natural option for you to do so. You also need to make sure you breathe evenly throughout the biking exercise.

Crunches on a Stability Ball

You can get more from your crunches by using a stability ball. If you are already doing crunches, then you may as well get the most from them. Various studies indicate this method allows you to get 39% more muscle in the rectus abdominis and 47% with the obliques. These figures are very encouraging and that means you will get the fat to melt away in less time.

You will find that crunches on a stability ball also help you to improve your overall core strength and balance. You can get a ball like this from most retailers that offer exercise equipment. There are many other forms of exercises that can be done using it, so the ball won’t be a waste of money. In fact, many men like it because then they aren’t lying on the floor as much during the course of their exercise regiment.

Along with these various exercises for how to flatten your stomach for men, make sure you are eating right. Drinking lots of water, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and incorporating more whole grains into your diet means your body will have less food to store as fat. Combined with various types of exercising, you will see progress very soon.

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