Flat Tummy Exercises Steps for Men – Sinfully Good Abs in Progress!

In today’s world, the scenario regarding health and fitness has completely transformed. Men and women are equally inclined towards getting a healthy, fit body. Be it boys in their teen years, young men or middle aged ones, they all are trying to win over a common aim- to achieve an attractive body much like their favourite star.

For all those of you who are hell bent on getting a flat stomach, we have compiled a comprehensive list of many varying exercises which will definitely get you in the shape you desire for soon. Join in with dedication, that’s all. So, let’s get going-

The Plank


One of the most common visual or theoretical demonstrations one sees in many fitness magazines is that of the plank. You’ll nod in agreement too. But why is that so? That’s because it truly is a sure shot way to build core strength. That includes a strong, wash board tummy. However, many people attempt this exercise the incorrect way. Here is the correct one- follow it word by word.

Get ready for the plank by taking a push up position on the ground. Bend your elbows to form a 90 degree angle with the forearm taking all your body weight. Always position your elbows directly beneath the shoulders. A straight line will be formed, beginning from the head to your feet. Even though you are stationary, you’ll realise how deceptively easy this exercise looks. Don’t worry- your hard work will pay off. Try to prolong the plank time by doing it regularly.

Tougher variations- Raise one of the arms up or lift one higher than the other. A Swiss ball also adds to the intensity.


As you already know, crunches form an excellent exercise if you wish to enhance the look of your stomach.

Seated Abs Crunch


Seat yourself on the edge of a flat bench. Hold onto the edge and lean towards the back to a slight degree. While leaning, extend both the legs in a downward direction maintaining a distance of four inches from the ground. Hold this position following which you must bend the knees and raise the legs towards the chest. Simultaneously, move forward using the upper torso. Repeat the same ten times.

Long Arm Crunch with Weights

Envision a chiselled midsection while undertaking this exercise which has established benefits in shaping the abdominal muscles. It works particularly well for the upper abs. Lie face up keeping the knees bent and feet planted on the mat. Hold a light weight dumbbell in both hands and extend them behind the head. Now, pull your upper body up without giving any jerky movement.

Twisting Crunch 


Another good option is the Twisting Crunch. Place your hands behind your head. As you pull your upper body off the surface, twist your trunk so that your right elbow is directed towards the opposite knee. Keep the muscles in a contracted state throughout the twisting crunch. Inhale while returning to the original supine position.   

Hanging Leg Raises


Attempt this for two weeks to know why many fitness freaks are avid followers of this particular exercise. What makes this exercise awesome? The lower abs gains the most. Your spine feels much relaxed and back gets a nice stretch.

Quickly and firmly hold onto a chin up bar without flexing the arms. Keep them shoulder width apart. While hanging, keep your knees slightly bent and feet firmly together. Raise your hips to curl the knees towards the chest. Lower both legs after two seconds. Go slow in the beginning to get a hang of it and don’t forget the breathing pattern.

Side Planks


Try this out a couple of weeks to strengthen the core as well as the external and internal obliques. Lie on any one side with fully extended legs stacked over each other. Take support for your body from the elbow resting on the floor. Lift the hips higher and stay in this posture for nothing less than thirty seconds.

Please note: Keep the shoulders square all the time and never lean forward. This will take your focus off the abdominal muscle contraction. Attempt four sets or start with only two initially. Switch sides to repeat.

Jack Knife Sit Up                        


A perfect, calorie burning, low impact exercise is the best way to describe it. Get in the basic position with straight legs. Extend the arms further back till it touches the floor but don’t bend them. Breathe out air and simultaneously bring both the arms and legs forward to almost meet at the very top. At the peak position, you’ll be balancing yourself via your buttocks. Keep legs as straight as possible and arms parallel to the legs. Pause, then inhale and lower both, arms and legs to the starting position.

Incorporate these exercises to fulfil your health goal. With these, you’ll be having well conditioned stomach muscles soon enough. 

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