Exercises to Flatten Stomach And Obliques For Women

Every woman dreams of getting an attractive figure and shape! When you attain a nice figure including a flat stomach, you are bound to feel on top of the world. Many of you must surely be longing for such a body shape. Well, the fact that the mid-section area is in fact a tricky domain to tone might seem discouraging but don’t let that get to you. No!

You can certainly iron out your abs for the perfect stomach through the exercises mentioned here. Follow them on a regular basis along with a calculated food intake for faster results! Have a look at all the result oriented exercises and put an end to long standing, futile diet schedules and agonizing workouts.

Knock out Results At Hand

Belly Blaster- Fitness experts all around the world consider reverse crunches as the best exercise to control and get rid of the accumulated fat from your lower abdomen. Here is the correct technique for reverse crunches.

Cross your arms beneath your head as you lie down on the floor or mat. This posture provides support to the head. Tightly pull in your stomach muscles followed by crossing and locking one foot over the other. Now, make an effort to lift both the lower legs away from the floor, slowly bending the knees in and bringing them towards the chest area. Repeat! Don’t forget to inhale while pulling the knees in.

Go Ahead! Sculpt Your Stomach with Scissor Kicks

Kick out the flab by once again positioning yourself on the floor, keeping both the arms by your sides and palms on the floor. All you have to do next is to slowly raise your legs to form an angle of 45 degree and spread them to form a V shape. Engage the muscles and raise the shoulder blades off the base. Simultaneously, you must repeat two motions- Crossing and uncrossing your legs. Simple, isn’t it? Finish this exercise with minimum ten and maximum fifteen repetitions. With regular practice and patience, these stomach flattening exercises will begin to show drastic effects and will work for your posture too. That being said, let’s get back to our workout.

Try Pilates for excellent results! It provides conditioning of muscles such as external oblique muscle along the sides, internal oblique muscle and transverse abdominus that encircle the body.

 Leg Kick– You must lie on either side of your body to form a straight line. Using your elbow and forearm, prop your torso higher. For extra balance, place the other free hand in front. Now, with each count, raise your upper leg and flex it such that the toes point forward. Yes, you’ll definitely feel the stretch with this one. Swing your leg while exhaling and take it as forward as you can. Inhale and swing it back taking it past the stationary leg. This completes Leg Kick.

Yoga– This form of exercise does nothing less than miracles for one’s body. You can definitely dream of your body as one sans love handles with the below mentioned yoga exercise. Your notorious oblique muscles will take an adorable shape with Spinal Twist.


Seat yourself with both legs in front. Next step is to place your right foot over the thigh of the other leg and tuck in the other free foot towards the buttocks. Begin twisting the upper body while keeping the back erect and make an attempt to look over the shoulder. Retain this position for 30-60 seconds and finally release.

Another sure shot yoga pose is the Cobra Pose whereby belly fat will disappear soon enough. A taut stomach is definite. Follow this technique closely. Lie face down and position your palms on the mat, but under the shoulder. Raise your torso off the mat but draw the effort from the muscles of the back. Do not push with your hands! Hold this for 30 seconds (but not your breath! Keep breathing) following which you can lower your upper half and exhale. You’ll feel much relaxed too.

Go for another awesome exercise known as Burpee! Let’s explain. Basically, the main movement is that of a squat. You need to squat keeping your hands on the floor and jumping your feet further back. Yes, this gives a pushup like position. Perform a pushup, jump back into the squat position and finally finish by jumping high in the air. Go as high as you can! This is surely an intensive exercise, perfect for your ultimate goal. Go easy on yourself initially and progress your way up to 10 repetitions. This will not only get you a slimmer stomach but provide you more endurance and agility too.

Do the above exercises religiously for a picture perfect stomach and obliques. All the best!



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