3 Exercises for a Flat Stomach for Women

There are plenty of exercises for a flat stomach for women that you can consider. By doing them three or four times a week, you should start to notice a difference in your abs in about a month. While it will take time to get the overall results you need, you have to start somewhere. That starting point is now so that you can get it all moving in a direction where you love that reflection in the mirror.

Side Planks for a Flat Stomach

One of the great exercises women can do that will strengthen their core muscles is side planks. They allow the back and the abs to work with each other and this means the spine will be stronger. Lie down on your side and place your left forearm on the floor so that it will be perpendicular to the body. The right hand needs to be by your side. Focus on pulling your abs tight with the vision of your belly button reaching your spine.

Raise your body up through the process of straightening your waist. You well find you end up being balanced on the left forearm as well as the bottom part of your left foot. Hold the position for a count of 10 and then repeat the process on the other side. Try to do 10 reps at first. Over time, challenge yourself to increase the number of reps and the number of seconds you hold the count.

Pilate Double Leg Stretch to get a Flat Stomach

Pilates have been shown to be a great way to get a stronger core and to improve the look of the belly. This is one of the types of exercises that you can take part in so that you can change the way it looks. Lie down on your back and pull your belly button as far to your spine as you can. Your needs to be bent up to the chests and you will use your arms to grab your shins. Your back, neck, and shoulders should be lifted off the floor.

Your arms should be moved in a sweeping motion to circle around and as you do so, bring your knees back to your chest. You want this to be a smooth motion that isn’t jerky or extremely fast. Instead, it needs to be a way for you to have some rhythm and control over the movement. Try to complete 25 reps but to increase that number over time as your strength and endurance increase.

Twist Obliques to Flatten your Stomach

You can do right and left twist obliques too. Such exercises for a flat stomach for women can help a great deal with your efforts to get abdominal muscles in place where fat used to be. Start by lying down on the floor and place your hands behind your need. The body should be twisted towards one of your knees. Lift the leg on the same side to meet the elbow on the opposite side. Try to do 20 reps at first but build up to doing more over time.

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