Easy Exercise for a Flat Stomach – Get, Set, Go!

If you want to own a flat stomach, keep your goal simple. Opt for some easy exercises that solely concentrate on the muscles working in the stomach area. Be disciplined in doing the following exercises along with proper restriction of calorie intake. You need to be watchful. Do these to create an achievable environment for toning up your stomach. The below mentioned exercises are not at all complex but do need the correct form to prevent strain on the neck etc. Having a good flat stomach diet plan is worthless unless you follow specific exercise which will tone your belly.

If you are interested in shedding belly fat, you must plan a simple and effective cardio activity. Some of them can be done either outdoors or in your home. For example, jogging in one place or skipping (jumping rope) can burn many calories. Change your jogging pattern to target the core muscles. Try to raise any one of your knees higher following each jump or try a forward kick with every jump. Include jump roping in your interval program which keeps the metabolism rate active even after the workout session.

Speed Walking                

Walking briskly is definitely a structured exercise to tackle stomach fat. The very best way to burn the thick layer of belly fat is to indulge in cardiovascular exercises of moderate intensity every day of the week. Fitness experts recommend a minimum of thirty minutes of speed walking. Increasing the pace whilst walking burns 30% more calories so this is an excellent option for quicker change.

Elliptical trainer is another way to develop an impressive looking stomach.

Plank Pose


This is a simple form of exercise designed to adequately strengthen the abdominal muscles especially Transverse abdominus. To perform plank pose, lie face down, bending your elbow and keeping your forearms at least shoulder width apart. Toes too should be kept hip width apart. You must now try to raise your hips higher in the air whilst contracting the muscles. This forms a straight line extending from the heels to the shoulder. Breathe normally and stay in this position for ten seconds.

Seated Crossover

This particular exercise tones and tightens the Rectus abdominus muscle. All you need is a strong, wooden chair and determination to get into slimmer fitting jeans! Seat yourself on the edge of the chair and place the feet on the ground. Maintain a straight posture while keeping the arms by your sides. Now, grasp onto the front edge of the chair using both hands- hold on tight to enhance the stability of the upper torso. Raise your knees in a steady motion directing them towards your chest and exhale simultaneously.

Note: Don’t arch the back. Maintain this posture for a few seconds. Inhale and lower your legs. Don’t stop! Repeat this for about five times.

Leg Raises        


This is best described as a basic, ‘simple to follow’ abs exercise. Leg lifts can be carried out on the floor or a flat bench (as seen in the image above)

Steps– Take position on the bench and place your hands under the hips to provide back support. Keep your leg portions below the knees hanging off the bench. Raise both the legs together such that they point towards the roof. Don’t do the mistake of locking the knees- the legs should be kept absolutely straight. Pause for a few seconds at the top and lower them back in a slow manner.

Benefits derived– Affects the lower abdominal area which is considerably rigid in responding to standard exercises. It’s best to incorporate them in a fitness plan that includes cardio activity such as aerobics etc.

Ballerina Twists


This one will answer your prayers for a flat stomach and sides as well. It engages both the front and side muscles to bring about visible results. Begin by sitting on the exercise mat and extend both legs. Keep your thighs together and stomach muscles squeezed. Now, lean back making a 45 degree angle and rest on one arm. Begin twisting your upper body to the right side while keeping the left arm over the head akin to a ballerina. Repeat the same for the alternate side.

Abdominal Hold

You can certainly rely on the efficaciousness of the simple abdominal hold in slicing off the excess fat accumulated in the lower region of your belly. Perform this on the edge of a sturdy chair. In this, all you need to do is to lift the feet off the floor by two to four inches. Draw the ability to do so via your core muscles. Be regular with this exercise to get better results.

Climb Up Exercise


The Climb Up exercise is both unique and result oriented. You’ll not only get surfboard stomach but also a great stretch in the calves and hamstrings. Make use of a long towel or belt for proper support. Lie face up, plant the left foot on the floor keeping the knee bent. Now, raise the other leg straight up towards the ceiling. Pull the toes towards yourself using the towel, steadily making your way up.

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