Drink Water and Lose Weight

There are many tools and tricks to weightloss. Some of these can be expensive (gym memberships or healthy diet ingredients) and some less so. Water is one of the latter; free, often overlooked and healthy. Water helps with weight loss in a multitude of ways. Check out this video:

Poor hydration means your kidneys call on the liver for help. Proper hydration leaves your liver free to do it’s job – metabolising fat is one of the tasks that make up your liver’s chore list. This means that drinking water directly contributes to weight loss (if you’re following a program of proper exercise and nutrition).

Water also curbs your appetite. Often what is perceived as hunger is in fact thirst. Your body can struggle to tell the difference (you get water from meals too). Even when it’s not, water can help you feel fuller before and during meals. You’ll therefore eat less.

Glass of Water


Make sure to drink plenty around meal times. Studies indicate that you consume fewer calories as a result. Remember that if you are a tall, big or large person you’ll need to up your water intake to get the same benefits.

Water flushes waste and toxins from your body. A good diet should consist of plenty of fibre. Fibre can’t work properly without water. In addition, burning calories produces toxins, which water flushes from the body

Proper hydration also influences your metabolism. Being dehydrated at all can cause a significant drop in metabolism. Dehydration also leads to fatigue, making it harder to work out.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. More if you work out as you need to replace the fluids lost through sweating. Water is needed in abundance during physical activity – not just to replace lost fluid. Water helps your muscles operate properly – it helps your muscles contract, aids in the lubrication of joints and, combined, this helps prevent injury. You can’t work out when injured so you don’t want that!

Add more water to your daily if you work out. Drink water at least 30 minutes before a workout, and while you are exercising, sip every 15 minutes. Rehydrate after working out by drinking water.

Water is the swiss army knife of weight loss. Knowing how much you should drink and when can help you successfully tone up.

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