Core Toning Workouts for Men- The Stronger, the Better!

A solid core is the basic requirement for all men who have a set goal of achieving ripped abs and better athletic performance. It’s time for you to learn certain facts about what exactly the core is and how it must be toned and trained for a healthy, attractive midsection.

The components

There are quite a lot of muscles that contribute to creating “the core”. So, when you give a thought to workouts that focus on your core, the muscles in question are abdominals and muscles of the back. Here are a few core exercises that will target the following- External obliques, Internal Obliques, Rectus abdominis, Transverse abdominis, Serratus anterior and Latissimus dorsi. If you want a well toned core, you should not neglect any of the above as they support both, your spine and frame.

The top ranked core toning workout for men that is considered the most effective for defined muscles is the Plank. Plank yields good results because it trains the core muscles to retain their partly contracted state, strengthening the core. Let’s begin with the basic plank which can be made more difficult with a few modifications.

The first step is to position yourself correctly on your arms and toes with your face towards the exercise mat. Bend both elbows and place your forearm flat on the mat. They must be parallel to one another with palms down. Never keep the elbows out to the side as this may divert excessive stress onto the shoulders. Keep your entire body as straight as possible. Always pull the stomach muscles towards the spine, while the hips should be at the same height as the shoulders.

The trick is to balance your body weight between the feet and shoulders. Hold the pose for a few minutes, minimum being one minute. Your ultimate goal should be reaching a time span of more than two minutes.

Begin developing your core muscles with another form- Squat. Squat exercises deliver exceptional results as far as the rate of metabolism, building muscle mass and overall strength are concerned. The simplest of all squats is wall squat. However, for the purpose of today’s discussion, let’s discuss overhead squats.

Overhead Squats are performed with barbells. Lift the barbell over the head and take it as further up and back as you possibly can. Simultaneously, lunge forward using one leg. Though it looks simple to execute, it turns out to be quite challenging. Take care of a few instructions- While squatting; take note that the thigh must remain parallel to the floor. Exhale while squatting and inhale while returning to the initial position.

Suitcase Squats– Reach a totally different level with the Suitcase Squat. Here a few guidelines- Hold the dumbbell in either one or both the hands. Keep your feet hip width apart and toes slightly out. Now, bend the knees and drop your buttocks to the floor till they are parallel to the base. Don’t let the knees go beyond the level of your toes. Imagine you are sitting on a suitcase. Revert to the original standing position and repeat ten to twelve times. This is a tried, tested and trusted move for quick results.

Russian TwistRussian Twist is an abs exercise that can be modified to keep up with your fitness level. The basic exercise is wherein you only use the weight of your upper half and workout your abs. Place yourself on the floor keeping both knees bent and feet crossed. Your back should be at an angle of 45 degree to the surface. Extend both arms in front of your chest and entwine them.


Now, begin twisting your torso to one side as far back as you can along with the arms. The same steady motion applies to the opposite side. If you are in a position to easily perform more than twenty repetitions sans getting exhausted, you can add more weights (such as a ball) to further ramp up your core strength. Make use of either a stability ball or weight plate. All you have to do is to hold the ball or plate in your hand and continue doing the same exercise.

Hip adduction while standing is a workout which can be easily performed by using resistance bands or cable attachment in the gym. It thoroughly trains your core that includes obliques, abs, and back and hips as well. To begin, attach the band to any of your ankles and stand erect placing that particular foot slightly ahead than the other (the one not attached to the resistance band). Firmly plant the back foot and move the other foot in an upward direction similar to a kicking motion.

Try to retain a good posture and flexed abdominal muscles during the move.

Equipped with all the above mentioned core toning workouts, you are all set to achieve a strong core of your dreams.

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