Choosing a Diet Routine to Get a Flat Stomach- Melt Away the Belly Bulge

When it comes to owning sleek looking abs, you need to follow a simple rule of thumb- Regular exercise session and a concurrent diet program. This makes a complete fitness program which helps achieve abdominal tightening as well as a solid drop in weight. Many always question the long term ability of a diet to keep weight under control. Well, there is no doubt that a healthy diet has a definite role in bringing about significant changes in your body such as the complete meltdown of belly fat!

It’s only when you draw a restricted calorie diet plan to adhere to that you notice a quicker outcome. The following include some helpful suggestions for choosing a diet routine to help you get a flat stomach.

Why is Choosing Correct Diet Routine So Important?

Analyse the following: The approach one takes towards shedding weight will depend to a great degree on the goals set and the total weight you must get rid off for that. So, it is clear that your diet plan to lose, say ten kg will differ from those people who have a target of losing twenty kg. Losing belly bulge requires a shift in many dietary habits and perseverance to continue with those habits to receive results that last forever.

Time to Commit

A flat, toned stomach does start with healthy food choices. Here’s the logic: If your body receives the fuel to carry out all the functions with ease, you will not only receive optimal general health but the deposition of fat around the waistline will significantly drop too.

Extensive research has concluded that out of the three varying diets they worked on (one was rich in saturated fat, the other was high in carbohydrate and the last one was abundant in monounsaturated fatty acids), the diet consisting of monounsaturated fatty acid had proven abilities to decrease storage and build up of visceral fat around the belly. Include these fatty acids in every meal and ensure weight loss specifically in the mid area.

You’re Eating Principles

Eat a minimum of four meals in one day- Do so at an interval of about four hours and you’ll be surprised how easily you abstain from over eating. Always opt for smaller meals. Now the question arises: What to include in the diet?


Refuse to fall a victim to junk food that though looks tempting but is actually flooded with unhealthy sugar and saturated fat. Stop it right now or you’ll end up in a worse shape. If possible, don’t keep them in your house as per a simple rule: “Out of sight, out of mind”. You can do this initially to break away from ill eating habits. Refined carbohydrates and sugar elevate the blood sugar values causing untimely and uncontrollable hunger pangs.

Differentiate between the good and “good for nothing” carbohydrate. Eating good carbohydrates is beneficial as it keeps the rate of metabolism high whereas “good for nothing” carbohydrates elevate the insulin release causing sluggish metabolism and more fat storage. Carbohydrates having a low glycemic index keep your body fuelled up at all times. They are as follows- fresh fruits (berries, apple), vegetables, brown rice, sweet potato etc. Choosing a diet routine which utilises the advantages of healthy carbohydrates is a right choice to make.

Refined flour and their products such as pasta, donuts, cookies etc cause gain in weight and bloating too (which makes you look pot bellied when you’re actually not!) and stacking of thick fat.

If you want to stick to the flat tummy regime, one key component is hydration. You’ve heard many a time that drinking water is a benefit laden habit all people gain from. It’s correct! Water elevates the rate of metabolism leading to more calorie meltdown. Heard of the newer term “Sassy water”? It is a beverage that assists in losing belly region fat. Here’s a quick recipe so that you can enjoy the advantages of this health substitute.

Peel all the ingredients such as fresh cucumber, lemon, mint leaves and ginger. Slice them finely and add to 8 cups of normal water. It is best to give it some time for the flavour to build up. Try it as it has nil calories, no sugar and provides relief from water retention.


Put a stop to comfort eating

You must abstain from eating snacks late in the night, especially post dinner. As there is no activity to be done while sleeping, the extra calories you add will convert into tummy bulge pretty swiftly. Do not dilute your efforts that you made during the day. Stay focussed.


Also, reduce the alcohol consumption to avoid ‘beer belly’. Remember, the healthy type of dietary regime we mentioned above is good to taste and comes with no negatives. So eat with no tension and get a slimmer waist!


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