Chisel Your Abs With A Stability Ball – Tips For First Time Users

Stability or exercise ball workouts require minimal equipment or preparation – just the ball and space to use it in. You can combine a ball with dumbbells for a chest press that works more muscle groups and support muscles but you can work with the ball alone. Either way, exercises using the ball are nearly unparalleled for targeting core muscles and additional muscle groups when traditional routines are adapted to stability ball routines. Balancing your body while exercising in conjunction with a ball works muscles in your core that some of you won’t know you had.

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I don’t normally concern myself with the history of an exercise routine or an exercise aid but the history of the balance ball is pretty interesting. It was invented in the 1960s by an Italian petrochemical manufacturer called Aquilino Cosani. He didn’t design it with the fitness industry in mind!

Susan Klein-Vogelbach – a Swiss doctor – pioneered the use of the plastic balls in her physical therapy clinic. This is why the ball is often called the “Swiss ball” and not the “Italian ball”. At this stage the balls were still used in as an aid in orthopedic physical therapy rather than exercise implements for anyone and everyone. The low impact strengthening exercises you could complete with the balance ball were perfect for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

In the late 1980s the ball moved into America and the popular fitness industry as a whole. I challenge you to find a fitness site; gym; physical trainer that doesn’t know of or advocate a balance ball/Swiss ball/exercise ball! And best of all professional fitness trainers are still coming up with new routines for the ball regularly. It’s a very flexible fitness tool which compliments any other work out regime you may have.

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Beginners balance ball tips

  • Make sure you have a ball of the right size – when sitting on one your thighs should be parallel to the floor.
  • Make sure to properly inflate the ball using the guidance provided on the packaging.
  • Don’t do the exercises topless or in bare feet. Sweating will make your skin slippery and you don’t want to lose your footing or slide off the ball mid exercise.
  • Use plenty of room – because you’re balancing the ball will move about under you. Give yourself space to complete the exercises properly. The same kind of space for a pushup or bench press (including bench) is ideal.


  • Warm up – just like before any workout.
  • Maintain proper posture. Parts of your back will not be supported when you’re using a balance ball (part of the reason it’s so good for your core). Be mindful of that and focus on keeping your back straight.
  • Dumbell press with back on ball
  • Plank with arms on ball
  • Plank with legs on ball
  • Crunches with back on ball
  • Push ups with feet on ball

Plus a whole host more! Check this video for an example of some of the stability ball exercises you can do to chisel sculpted abs!

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