Bike Training and Leg Raises as part of a Flat Stomach Program

Following a flat stomach workout for women can help you to feel your best and look great. By incorporating some of these exercises on a regular basis you will turn that fat into muscle. Of course you also need to be exercising the rest of the body and eating a well balanced diet if you want those efforts to pay off.

Bicycle training as part of your Fat Stomach Workout

If you don’t own a bicycle or you can’t get out of the house long enough for a ride, you can simulate those same movements in the house. Lie down on the floor with your back flat. You want to put your hands behind your head so that you can benefit from them to support your head. Slowly, bring one of the knees to your chest, and lift the shoulder forward from the opposite side of the body. Then do the same with the other knee and the other shoulder.

When you do this smoothly and continually, it will simulate a bike pedaling motion for you. Try to do 16 reps with this type of exercise when you first start. Over time, you should be able to continue to push and to do more than that without stopping.

replicate bike movements

Leg Raises for a Flat Stomach

Part of any good flat stomach workout for women needs to incorporate leg raises. You can do this either standing up and leaning on a rack or lying down. You want to bring one leg up at a time and hold it for 10 seconds. Then repeat with the opposite leg. At the same time, make sure you keep your back straight and that your abs are tight. Try to do 10 reps on each leg with the exercise initially, and then to increase those reps over time. Make sure you don’t swing your legs or you won’t get the full benefits from this exercise.

Crunches with an Exercise Ball for a Flatter Stomach

There is no doubt crunches are high on the list with any flat stomach workout for women. Yet many women find they are tough to do and that their back and spine get sore so they can’t do many at once. The use of an exercise ball can help to ensure you are able to get better results and do more reps. Lie on the side area of the ball and put it against a wall for support.

Then you need to plant your feet firmly on the ground, with them about shoulder width apart. Make sure the ball isn’t going to be able to move as you curl up and keep your abdominal muscles as tight as you can. Try to do 20 reps at a time, several times a week.

It is possible for women to get these exercises in motion without any problems. They can be done at home with very little invested. You should be able to buy an exercise ball from various retailers around town. There are quite a few other types of exercise you can do with them too so it will be a great investment.

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