Biceps Workout Routine For Men – Build Arm Muscle Fast

Most men would be content if they had a six-pack, chest definition and great biceps.  We’ve looked at abs and chest routines before, today we’re going to look at a biceps workout routine for men. Because of the range of movements your arms and hands are capable of, you’re able to run multiple exercise types together into one longer set (this is known as a “super set”). The exercises towards the end of this article can be executed like this or performed in a more traditional method with three sets of 10 – 12 reps and then a break in between each set.

Note on hand position – altering the position of your hands while performing biceps exercises lets you target specific areas of the biceps. The biceps is made up of an inner and outer head  which means you can neglect one if you’re not careful. A full range of hand grips will make sure you work the full muscle group. To target the head of the biceps located on the outside of your arm, use a narrower than shoulder-width grip. To target the other head of the biceps, inside of your arm, use a wider than shoulder-width grip.

Three Killer Biceps Exercises

Each of these exercises are found in any classic strength and mass building routine. They require dumbbells or a barbell only (with the exception of the preacher curl – which you’ll find out about in a moment).

Preacher barbell curl

According to some weight lifters these bad boys are the ultimate biceps strength and mass building exercises. To do this you’ll need a preacher bench or an swiss ball. First at the bench:

  • Sit at the bench with your armpits close to the pad and elbows resting against it.
  • Have your barbell in a palm up grip
  • Curl your arms bringing the barbell towards you.
  • Concentrate on the last part of the contraction tense your bicep.
Biceps Workout For Men - Barbell Preacher Bench Curl
Next on the ball:
  • Kneel with your chest, stomach and armpits on top of the ball and elbows resting against it.
  • Have your barbell in a palm up grip
  • Curl your arms bringing the barbell towards you
  • Concentrate on the last part of the contraction tense your bicep
  • Focus on keeping your core in check here so as not to injure yourself (bonus core workout).
Biceps Workout For Men - Barbell Preacher Ball Curl

Do three sets of eight reps, increasing the weight slightly with each set. The final set should be tough and you want to risk failure.

Hammer curls

Hammer curls are similar to standing alternating dumbbell curls. But you turn your palms to face in toward your body as if using a hammer. This grip shift works your forearms and focuses on the outer side of your bicepes.

  • Take a dumbbell in each hand
  • Make sure you don’t ‘cheat’ – put your back to a wall or focus on pinning our elbows to your side so that you don’t use swinging momentum to lift more than you can.
  • Keep your wrist fixed and curl the dumbell in your right hand towards your shoulder tense your bicep at the top of the curl
  • Repeat on left hand – one movement with both hands makes one rep.
  • Perform three sets of 15 reps.
Biceps Workout Routine For Men - Standing Hammer Curl

Concentration curls

Concentration curls are a very focused exercise. They’re a great way to finish a set (post exhaustion) or alternatively a way to really tire your biceps out before moving onto a more varied series of arm curl movements (pre exhaustion).

  • Sit on a flat bench, chair or the edge of a bed with legs spread (you’ll be curling in the space between)
  • Take a dumbbell in your right hand and rest your elbow against the inside of your right knee
  • Curl the dumbbell up towards your chest keeping your palm towards you
  • Concentrate on the last part of the curl and tense your biceps.

You want to do three sets of these with at least 8 reps (proper form, no shoulder, chest or leg spasms to help the weight reach your chest). Repeat the set with your left hand. Concentration curls are another favourite exercise of body builders. It’s widely believed that they help you get the best biceps ‘peak’.

Biceps Workout Routine For Men - Concentration Curls

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