Basic Exercise Moves for Flat Stomach

Certain basic exercise moves can help you attain a flat stomach. Exercises incorporating these basic moves are very effective for flat stomach.

Knowing the basic exercise moves for flat stomach increases the versatility of your workout, enabling variations, which incorporate the same basic move. This keeps boredom away and keeps you motivated.

What are the Basic Exercise Moves for Flat Stomach?


  1. Moves that strengthen core muscles
  2. Moves that stretch (lengthen) abdominals
  3. Leg Movements

Core Strengthening Moves

 The plank is an extremely effective core strengthening position that contributes to strengthening the abdominal muscles and flattening your stomach. Here are two effective moves based on the plank.

  • The Sliding pike
  1. Start with the plank position.
  2. Maintaining the plank, lift up the hips

  1. Draw the legs inwards towards the hands to form the pike.

Sliding Pike on Exercise Ball

  1. Hold and return to start position.


  • Circle Plank
  1. Start with plank position.
  2. Pull the right knee in towards the chest

  1. Circle the leg clock wise and anti-clock wise few times and go back to start position
  2. Repeat with left leg.


Abdominal Stretching Moves          

 The abdominal stretches lengthen the muscles so that you get a lean look, rather than a bulked up look.

  • The Bridge Stretch
  1. Lie flat on the floor, palms next to the shoulders, feet planted on the floor and knees facing the ceiling.
  2. Slowly lift your midsection upwards, transferring the body weight on to your arms and feet.  Relax the neck

  1. You will be essentially forming a bridge between your knees and shoulders, which will produce an incredible stretch in the abdominal muscles.


  • Ushtrasana


  1. Kneel down with heels facing upwards
  2. Hold your ankles with your arms and arch your back.

  1. Keep the neck relaxed

You will experience a good stretch in the abs.


Leg Movements for Flat Stomach

 Leg movements, particularly leg rises work the abdominal muscles. Leg movements are also involved in core strengthening. So basic leg movement exercises can help you attain a flat stomach. Some examples are mentioned below.


  • Leg Raises

The best exercise move for toning and strengthening the lower abdominals and achieving a flat stomach.

Lie on your back, arms by the side and feet extended. Raise one leg upward, without bending the knee to feel the work in your lower abs.


You can raise one leg at a time or together. Alternate leg raises are another variation.


  • Bicycle exercise

The bicycle exercise also incorporates the same basic leg movement to engage the lower abdominals and strengthen and tone them.


Bicycle exercise with crunching

When combined with crunches, the bicycle exercise works all abdominal muscles and becomes a very effective flat stomach exercise.


  • Leg Circles

Lie flat on your back. Raise one (or both) legs through the hip and make big circles in the air, keeping your abdominals taut. Keep your spine and lower back peeled to the floor.

When you take these precautions, the leg circling actions strengthen the core and contribute to a flat stomach.


Other Exercise Moves for Flat Stomach

 One word – movement. By this I mean cardio exercises like running, jogging etc, that focus on moving the body, resulting in burning of calories, leading to flat stomach

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